[Air Queen] Nanofiber 0.1-micron Filter Mask Made in Korea - 10 PCS

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Made in Korea, individually sealed package. *10 pcs per order*

Brand : Air Queen

Manufacturer : Toptec (in Asan, Korea)

*Air pollution protection : Dust, PM2.5, Haze, Flu, Pollen, and other Protective effects.

*Filtering effect : Filter 99% harmful bacteria (nanofiber filter)

*Smooth breathing : 3D design, comfortable and breathable

*3-Layer : Non-woven fabric

*Size: Universal size for adults

Instructions for Use:
1.Wash your hands before putting on mask. Choose the correct size of the mask and ensure there are no defects.
2.Position the mask under your chin with the nose piece up.
3.Lightly stretch the ear loops over onto the back of your ear and release loops.
4.Do not touch the front surface of the mask.
5.Perform a fit check, not touching the mask with your hands, exhale. If mask remains on snug and seal between the mask and face is not broken, the mask is on correctly and fits your face.
6.Wash your hands after removing the mask.

Product Description:
100% brand new masks made from all new material.